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表 5.1. [drive-audit]drive-audit.conf中的配置属性描述
配置属性=默认值 描述
device_dir = /srv/node Directory devices are mounted under
error_limit = 1 Number of errors to find before a device is unmounted
log_address = /dev/log Location where syslog sends the logs to
log_facility = LOG_LOCAL0 Syslog log facility
log_file_pattern = /var/log/kern.*[!.][!g][!z] Location of the log file with globbing pattern to check against device errors locate device blocks with errors in the log file
log_level = INFO Logging level
log_max_line_length = 0 Caps the length of log lines to the value given; no limit if set to 0, the default.
log_to_console = False No help text available for this option.
minutes = 60 Number of minutes to look back in `/var/log/kern.log`
recon_cache_path = /var/cache/swift Directory where stats for a few items will be stored
regex_pattern_1 = \berror\b.*\b(dm-[0-9]{1,2}\d?)\b No help text available for this option.
unmount_failed_device = True No help text available for this option.

此脚本仅在Ubuntu 10.04下测试过,所以如果你使用的是不同的发行版或不同的操作系统,请在使用到生产环境中时务必小心。

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