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keystone 客户端设置为预期命令的 keystonecommandargument 形式,后接类似标志的关键字参数,以提供额外的 (通常是可选的) 信息。例如,user-listtenant-create 命令可以用下列方式调用:

# Using token auth env variables
export OS_SERVICE_TOKEN=secrete_token
keystone user-list
keystone tenant-create --name demo

# Using token auth flags
keystone --os-token secrete --os-endpoint user-list
keystone --os-token secrete --os-endpoint tenant-create --name=demo

# Using user + password + project_name env variables
export OS_USERNAME=admin
export OS_PASSWORD=secrete
export OS_PROJECT_NAME=admin
openstack user list
openstack project create demo

# Using user + password + project-name flags
openstack --os-username admin --os-password secrete --os-project-name admin user list
openstack --os-username admin --os-password secrete --os-project-name admin project create demo
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