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 SPICE 控制台

OpenStack Compute supports VNC consoles to guests. The VNC protocol is fairly limited, lacking support for multiple monitors, bi-directional audio, reliable cut-and-paste, video streaming and more. SPICE is a new protocol that aims to address the limitations in VNC and provide good remote desktop support.

SPICE support in OpenStack Compute shares a similar architecture to the VNC implementation. The OpenStack dashboard uses a SPICE-HTML5 widget in its console tab that communicates to the nova-spicehtml5proxy service by using SPICE-over-websockets. The nova-spicehtml5proxy service communicates directly with the hypervisor process by using SPICE.

VNC must be explicitly disabled to get access to the SPICE console. Set the vnc_enabled option to False in the [DEFAULT] section to disable the VNC console.

Use the following options to configure SPICE as the console for OpenStack Compute:

表 4.8. Description of SPICE configuration options
配置属性=默认值 描述
agent_enabled = True (BoolOpt) 启用 spice 客户代理支持
激活 = False (BoolOpt) 启用spice相关特性
html5proxy_base_url = (StrOpt) Location of spice HTML5 console proxy, in the form ""
html5proxy_host = (StrOpt)监控入口请求的主机
html5proxy_port = 6082 (IntOpt)监听入口请求的端口
keymap = en-us (StrOpt) spice键映射
server_listen = (StrOpt)实例spice 服务器监听的 IP地址
server_proxyclient_address = (StrOpt)代理客户端(比如nova-spice html5代理)应该连接的地址。

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