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By default, the L3 agent uses Linux network namespaces to support overlapping IP addresses.

For information about network namespaces support, see the Limitation section.

If the Linux installation does not support network namespaces, you must disable network namespaces in the L3 agent configuration file. The default value of use_namespaces is True.

use_namespaces = False

When you set use_namespaces to False, only one router ID is supported per node.

Use the router_id configuration option to configure the router:

# If use_namespaces is set to False then the agent can only configure one router.
# This is done by setting the specific router_id.
router_id = 1064ad16-36b7-4c2f-86f0-daa2bcbd6b2a

To configure it, you must run the OpenStack Networking service, create a router, and set the router ID value to the router_id value in the L3 agent configuration file.

$ neutron router-create myrouter1
Created a new router:
| Field                 | Value                                |
| admin_state_up        | True                                 |
| external_gateway_info |                                      |
| id                    | 338d42d7-b22e-42c5-9df6-f3674768fe75 |
| name                  | myrouter1                            |
| status                | ACTIVE                               |
| tenant_id             | 0c236f65baa04e6f9b4236b996555d56     |
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