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 Basic Load-Balancer-as-a-Service operations


The Load-Balancer-as-a-Service (LBaaS) API provisions and configures load balancers. The Havana release offers a reference implementation that is based on the HAProxy software load balancer.

This list shows example neutron commands that enable you to complete basic LBaaS operations:

  • Creates a load balancer pool by using specific provider.

    --provider is an optional argument. If not used, the pool is created with default provider for LBaaS service. You should configure the default provider in the [service_providers] section of neutron.conf file. If no default provider is specified for LBaaS, the --provider option is required for pool creation.

    $ neutron lb-pool-create --lb-method ROUND_ROBIN --name mypool --protocol HTTP --subnet-id SUBNET_UUID --provider PROVIDER_NAME
  • Associates two web servers with pool.

    $ neutron lb-member-create --address  WEBSERVER1_IP --protocol-port 80 mypool
    $ neutron lb-member-create --address  WEBSERVER2_IP --protocol-port 80 mypool
  • Creates a health monitor that checks to make sure our instances are still running on the specified protocol-port.

    $ neutron lb-healthmonitor-create --delay 3 --type HTTP --max-retries 3 --timeout 3
  • Associates a health monitor with pool.

    $ neutron lb-healthmonitor-associate  HEALTHMONITOR_UUID mypool
  • Creates a virtual IP (VIP) address that, when accessed through the load balancer, directs the requests to one of the pool members.

    $ neutron lb-vip-create --name myvip --protocol-port 80 --protocol HTTP --subnet-id SUBNET_UUID mypool
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