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 Basic L3 metering operations

Only administrators can manage the L3 metering labels and rules.

This table shows example neutron commands that enable you to complete basic L3 metering operations:

Table 7.23. Basic L3 operations
Operation Command

Creates a metering label.

$ neutron meter-label-create LABEL1 --description "DESCRIPTION_LABEL1"

Lists metering labels.

$ neutron meter-label-list

Shows information for a specified label.

$ neutron meter-label-show LABEL_UUID
$ neutron meter-label-show LABEL1

Deletes a metering label.

$ neutron meter-label-delete LABEL_UUID
$ neutron meter-label-delete LABEL1

Creates a metering rule.

$ neutron meter-label-rule-create LABEL_UUID CIDR --direction DIRECTION --excluded

For example:

$ neutron meter-label-rule-create label1 --direction ingress
$ neutron meter-label-rule-create label1 --excluded

Lists metering all label rules.

$ neutron meter-label-rule-list

Shows information for a specified label rule.

$ neutron meter-label-rule-show RULE_UUID
Deletes a metering label rule.
$ neutron meter-label-rule-delete RULE_UUID
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