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 Provider attributes

The provider extension extends the Networking network resource with these attributes:

Table 7.6. Provider network attributes
Attribute name Type Default Value Description
provider:network_type String N/A The physical mechanism by which the virtual network is implemented. Possible values are flat, vlan, local, and gre, corresponding to flat networks, VLAN networks, local networks, and GRE networks as defined above. All types of provider networks can be created by administrators, while tenant networks can be implemented as vlan, gre, or local network types depending on plug-in configuration.
provider:physical_network String If a physical network named "default" has been configured and if provider:network_type is flat or vlan, then "default" is used. The name of the physical network over which the virtual network is implemented for flat and VLAN networks. Not applicable to the local or gre network types.
provider:segmentation_id Integer N/A For VLAN networks, the VLAN VID on the physical network that realizes the virtual network. Valid VLAN VIDs are 1 through 4094. For GRE networks, the tunnel ID. Valid tunnel IDs are any 32 bit unsigned integer. Not applicable to the flat or local network types.

To view or set provider extended attributes, a client must be authorized for the extension:provider_network:view and extension:provider_network:set actions in the Networking policy configuration. The default Networking configuration authorizes both actions for users with the admin role. An authorized client or an administrative user can view and set the provider extended attributes through Networking API calls.

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