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 Data processing service

The Data processing service for OpenStack (sahara) aims to provide users with a simple means to provision data processing (Hadoop, Spark) clusters by specifying several parameters like Hadoop version, cluster topology, node hardware details and a few more. After a user fills in all the parameters, the Data processing service deploys the cluster in a few minutes. Sahara also provides a means to scale already provisioned clusters by adding/removing worker nodes on demand.

The solution addresses the following use cases:

  • Fast provisioning of Hadoop clusters on OpenStack for development and QA.

  • Utilization of unused compute power from general purpose OpenStack IaaS cloud.

  • Analytics-as-a-Service for ad-hoc or bursty analytic workloads.

Key features are:

  • Designed as an OpenStack component.

  • Managed through REST API with UI available as part of OpenStack dashboard.

  • Support for different Hadoop distributions:

    • Pluggable system of Hadoop installation engines.

    • Integration with vendor specific management tools, such as Apache Ambari or Cloudera Management Console.

  • Predefined templates of Hadoop configurations with the ability to modify parameters.

  • User-friendly UI for ad-hoc analytics queries based on Hive or Pig.

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