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 OpenStack Networking server with plug-in

This web server runs the OpenStack Networking API Web Server. It loads a plug-in and passes the API calls to the plug-in for processing. The neutron-server service receives one or more configuration files as input. For example:

neutron-server --config-file NEUTRON_CONFIG_FILE --config-file PLUGIN_CONFIG_FILE

The neutron configuration file contains the common neutron configuration options.

The plug-in configuration file contains the plug-in specific options.

The plug-in that runs on the service is loaded through the core_plugin configuration option. In some cases, a plug-in might have an agent that performs the actual networking.

Most plug-ins require an SQL database. After you install and start the database server, set a password for the root account and delete the anonymous accounts:

$ > mysql -u root
mysql> update mysql.user set password = password('iamroot') where user = 'root';
mysql> delete from mysql.user where user = '';

Create a database and user account specifically for plug-in:

mysql> create database DATABASE_NAME
mysql> create user 'USER_NAME'@'localhost' identified by 'USER_NAME';
mysql> create user 'USER_NAME'@'%' identified by 'USER_NAME';
mysql> grant all on DATABASE_NAME.* to 'USER_NAME'@'%';

After this step completes, you can update the settings in the relevant plug-in configuration files. Find the plug-in specific configuration files at $NEUTRON_CONF_DIR/plugins.

Some plug-ins have an L2 agent that performs the actual networking. That is, the agent attaches the virtual machine NIC to the OpenStack Networking network. Each node should run an L2 agent. Note that the agent receives the following input parameters:

neutron-plugin-agent --config-file NEUTRON_CONFIG_FILE --config-file PLUGIN_CONFIG_FILE

You must complete these tasks before you can work with the plug-in:

  1. Ensure that the core plug-in is updated.

  2. Ensure that the database connection is correctly set.

The following table shows sample values for the configuration options. Some Linux packages might provide installation utilities that configure these values.

Table 7.1. Settings
Option Value
Open vSwitch
core_plugin ($NEUTRON_CONF_DIR/neutron.conf) openvswitch
connection (in the plugin configuration file, section [database]) mysql://USERNAME:PASSWORD@localhost/ovs_neutron?charset=utf8
Plug-in Configuration File $NEUTRON_CONF_DIR/plugins/openvswitch/ovs_neutron_plugin.ini
Agent neutron-openvswitch-agent
Linux Bridge
core_plugin ($NEUTRON_CONF_DIR/neutron.conf) linuxbridge
connection (in the plug-in configuration file, section [database]) mysql://USERNAME:PASSWORD@localhost/neutron_linux_bridge?charset=utf8
Plug-in Configuration File $NEUTRON_CONF_DIR/plugins/linuxbridge/linuxbridge_conf.ini
Agent neutron-linuxbridge-agent
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