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 Basic security group operations

This table shows example neutron commands that enable you to complete basic security group operations:

Table 7.12. Basic security group operations
Operation Command

Creates a security group for our web servers.

$ neutron security-group-create webservers --description "security group for webservers"

Lists security groups.

$ neutron security-group-list

Creates a security group rule to allow port 80 ingress.

$ neutron security-group-rule-create --direction ingress --protocol tcp --port_range_min 80 --port_range_max 80 SECURITY_GROUP_UUID

Lists security group rules.

$ neutron security-group-rule-list

Deletes a security group rule.

$ neutron security-group-rule-delete SECURITY_GROUP_RULE_UUID

Deletes a security group.

$ neutron security-group-delete SECURITY_GROUP_UUID

Creates a port and associates two security groups.

$ neutron port-create --security-group SECURITY_GROUP_ID1 --security-group SECURITY_GROUP_ID2 NETWORK_ID

Removes security groups from a port.

$ neutron port-update --no-security-groups PORT_ID
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